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The Full Toolkit

InCommon Facilitator Toolkit

This toolkit provides information to support cross-cultural learning and resources to enable the facilitation of an InCommon Quiz session.

Printable Resources

Printable Resources

Download all five versions of the InCommon quiz (from a Bingo card to the 20-Question Quiz), to meet your needs when running an InCommon session.



A PowerPoint containing some informative slides and short videos on InCommon to introduce your InCommon session.

Printable Resources

Participant Handouts

Two printable handouts for participants: a handout with further information for participants and an evaluation sheet for attendees at your InCommon session.

More Resources

Further Information for Individuals

An information sheet containing a list of great resources for participants interested in continuing their cultural understanding.

More Resources

Further Information for Organisations

A starting point for organisations inspired to look into further developing the cultural competency of their people.