In Common | Share Kai and Kōrero Nepali Cooks Wow Diners
Share Kai and Kōrero Nepali Cooks Wow Diners
Earlier in 2022, we introduced Share Kai, a collaboration between between InCommon and Mahia Te Aroha that uses food to bring people together.

We were so lucky to have food prepared by Tulasha, from Bhutan, and Alysha and Januka from Nepal as we sat down to the first Share Kai and Kōrero event last week, a practice run for the Nepali cooking group. They prepared dal vat (dahl), alu achar – a spicy fresh cucumber salad, masu – a chicken curry, sel roti, and chai tea. It was a stunning feast!

With our plates loaded high, we chatted and laughed, and it felt incredible to see this project come to life!

Many of us found shared experiences to bond over and, prompted by our Share Kai and Kōrero Connection Cards, laughed about times we tried to cook something, and it didn’t work and shared our fondest memories of meals shared with family or friends.

The food was an icebreaker to get us talking, but once the plates were clean the conversation continued to flow. We realised we had places, people, likes, dislikes, movies, stories, and more in common.

Coming in 2023, we can’t wait to dine together with you for Eritrean, Afghani, Nepali/Bhutanese, and Persian food events. Stay tuned!