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About us
    Bariz and Chris were amazed by the things they had in common when they met at our photoshoot.

InCommon began in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque attacks. As Cantabrians and all New Zealanders came together in support of the Muslim community, several champions of this kaupapa discussed ways in which that energy could be sustained.

The Working Group membership increased as people with expertise in certain areas were brought on board. Many other organisations saw the value of a campaign that addresses the divides that gave rise to the tragedy by focussing on the things that we have in common.

Research First conducted focus group research to inform the campaign’s creative design. McCarthy Design and Daybreak Consulting – creators of campaigns for All Right?, Getting Through Together and the Christchurch Arts Festival – drew inspiration from the ways in which Kiwis continue to reach out to one another in surprising and beautiful ways.

By highlighting these connections, we believe, the goal of building more cross-faith and cross-cultural interactions would be strengthened. The InCommon brand was born.

A 25-question fun and engaging quiz was developed to demonstrate the similarities we have in beliefs, interests, and preferences. Several ethnic and faith groups, including Pākehā, provided input on the quiz.
To create the campaign’s marketing images, local participants were matched with someone from a different background who, based on their quiz answers, had a range of things in common with them.

To gain ongoing feedback on many aspects of the campaign, an Advisory Group was established. This includes representatives from:
- Ngāi Tūāhuriri as local mana whenua
- Ministry for Pacific Peoples
- The Canterbury Muslim community and
- Canterbury Interfaith Society.

InCommon funders include the Office of Ethnic Communities, the Christchurch City Council, and the Rātā Foundation.
Members of the Working Group have provided endless hours of volunteer time and expertise towards the campaign.

We are:
Amanda Booth, Campaign Coordinator
Claire Appleby-Phillips, Christchurch City Council
Dunya Sabre, Administrative Support
Eileen Yee, Office of Ethnic Communities
Elizabeth Hawes, Social Equity and Wellbeing Network
Lana Hart, Humanitarian Journalist
Magnum Tuipulotu, Ministry of Education
Mahtab Mahjor, Intern
Matthew Dickinson, ChristchurchNZ
Nicholas Latty, Office of Ethnic Communities
Rebecca Parnham, Giving Seeds of Love

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