In Common | Inclusivity on Campus – An Ara InCommon Collaboration
Inclusivity on Campus – An Ara InCommon Collaboration

In October 2022 InCommon and Ara Institute of Canterbury launched a series of four posters that highlight the commonalities between students with, and without, disabilities.

This project was a collaboration between InCommon and three groups of Ara students, initiated by two third year Health Promotion students, Sem Lomani and Paris Nurse, who approached us to collaborate for their final Health Promotion project after seeing our billboards around the city.

Sem and Paris engaged students from the Health department and the Ara Workskills department and ran an InCommon quiz session to help students connect, see their similarities and overcome their differences.

Sem and Paris, and design students, Kayla Barbour, and Ruby Myers, were then supported to turn eight students, and their quiz responses, into four posters using the InCommon approach, celebrating the commonalities these students have, despite their visual differences.

Dr Helen Marshall, Health Promotion Coordinator at Ara Institute of Canterbury, says the project has created a sense of unity between the students and staff, and hallway chats are now commonplace. Everyone loves seeing the posters up on campus.

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